Size Guide & Glove Care


The right size of your goalkeeper gloves are crucial, our goalkeeper gloves are pretty true to size, but a small variation in size is always possible due to different manufactures. The fingertops of the hand should never touch the very tip of the glove as there is too less space to move the fingers comfortable. But neither should the fingers have too much space as it feels uncomfortable make the gloves feel floppy and it reduces the firm feeling.

The size could also depend on glove cut as some of the models are more tight or loose from itself then other models.

GLORI Supra: If you like your goalkeepers gloves to fit real tight, we advise you to get one size down.

GLORI Tyga: If you like your goalkeeper gloves to fit real tight, we advise you to get one size down.

GLORI Extreme: We advice to get your regular size.

If you would like to know your exact size we advice you to try them on. Our average glove size chart is based on measuring from top of the middle finger down till the end of the hand palm, where the wrist starts.

Note: This is an average size chart and could be different for any type of person.

Glove size Lenght of hand(cm)       Height (cm)                     Age
5          15,5                       135-145                        8-9
6          16,5                       145-165                       10-11
7         17,5                       156-166                        11-14
8         18,5                       166-175                        14-18
9         19,5                      175-184                       ——-
10         20,5                       184-193                       ——-
11         21,5                       193 +                           ——-

Glove Care

Before using your new goalkeeper gloves we recommend to wash them with medium warm clean water 25-30C degrees maximum. Hang them to dry naturally. When your goalkeeper gloves are dry they are ready to be used. This method makes sure the latex will be prepared perfectly for optimal grip and performances.

For optimal durability and grip we recommend to clean your goalkeepers gloves immediately after each game. You can wash them in the shower or sink.

How not to wash & dry your goalkeeper gloves

  • Water above 30C degrees
  • Using soap
  • Wash machine
  • Dry machine
  • Dry in sunlight
  • On a radiator
  • Wringing the gloves out after washing them
  • Hair dryer