Our story


GLORI Sports is an ambitious, young and new goalkeeper brand founded in 2019 by a goalkeeper for the goalkeeper community.

After many years of thinking about the perfect goalkeeper gloves we started to make those thoughts reality. Those thoughts were based on, grip, style, price, comfort and durability.

With the knowledge after many years of playing as a goalkeeper we had a clear vision about the perfect goalkeeper gloves and where we from GLORI Sports want to stand for. Our first goalkeeper gloves were made, not really what we had in mind so we continued to make new sketches and new samples to improve our goalkeeper gloves. After more testing, we had our goalkeeper gloves exactly what GLORI Sports stands for, Professional-Afforable-High quality goalkeeper gloves.

We are starting our first range with 3 classic models with each model different features. Many different materials are used over the 3 models. Our target is to help goalkeepers from the Sunday league, the new generation of goalkeepers, and the Professionals with High Quality goalkeeper gloves to give that extra bit of confidence to protect the ball and the goal.

We selected our materials based on the knowledge of Team GLORI Sports, professional goalkeepers and experienced goalkeeper coaches who are well known with many other great goalkeeper brands. They tested our goalkeeper gloves and they gave us feedback about the Grip, Style, Comfort and Durabilty. We received positive feedbacks and points to improve. After improving those points we are happy to announce our first range of GLORI Sports goalkeeper gloves and are proud to help the goalkeeper community.


Team GLORI Sports


GLORI Sports owner Wieger Sietsma